STRAWBERRY UPDATE:  Our 2022 Strawberry/Pea Season has ENDED

 UPDATES ON HOME PAGE We only accept Cash, Check & FMNP Vouchers, EBT 

 Pick Your Own Strawberries – You have two choices, a box is $30 or a pail is $13.  A heaped box weighs about 14 to 16 #.  A heaped pail weighs about 5 to 6#.  Weights vary, depending on water content in berries and size.

Pre-Picked Strawberries sell for $6.25 per Quart or $50 per Flat (8 qrts.).  Just a friendly reminder that we DO NOT take orders during strawberry season due to the very high demand.

Pick Your Own Peas (sugar ann snap – edible pods) $2.75 per #

Pre-Picked Peas $5 per #

Green Beans $5 per #

PlEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE COMING TO THE FARM:  Just to be upfront to all our Farm Guest, we could be adjusting our Hours of Operation due to not having a bumper crop, sold out, picked out and excessive weather.  We expect larger crowds than we can handle properly due to less strawberry farms around the state.  We also expect this to be a short season.  There is nobody more than myself (Troy) & our friendly Farm Staff that want to have plentiful berries for everyone to enjoy, but that’s not the case for every season.  Weather plays such an important part to bring in a bountiful harvest.  Please be very patient & respectful, as we truely are trying our best when the demand is way bigger than we can supply.

Here is our schedule of other fun events planned for the 2022 Farm Season:

End of June –  Green Beans, Cucumbers, Tomatoes

Mid July – Sweet Raspberries, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers, Green and Yellow Beans and Green Peppers

Mid to Late July – Blueberry Picking, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers

Mid-September-End Oct – Kick off for Our Big Pumpkin Celebration known as Farmtoberfest.  Come and spend the day and search the Patch for that perfect pumpkin you have been dreaming of all year, try not to get lost in our Corn Maze, enjoy a scenic relaxing Hayride on the Porter Patch Pumpkin Express, make your very own Scarecrow, paint a pumpkin, try your aim at the Corn Cob Chuck, jump in the Rat Racers, hang out in the Craft Shed, visit our Barn Yard Buddies, slide down the Barn Hill, Food Truck from El Agave and so much more.

See you soon at the Farm

Thanks for all your continued support of the Farm!

Growing Memories,  Sharing Traditions

We accept cash, check, credit, debit, FMNP vouchers