Hello Friends of the Farm:

The 2019 Strawberry Picking around Appleton WI area will soon be here, we can’t wait. All the Strawberry fields are progressing very nicely. The anticipation of that first Sweet Juicy Fresh Strawberry is hard to take, but we all must be patient, as soon everyone will be enjoying them. Pick Your Own Strawberries at Porter’s Patch is very popular among friends and families, however we do pick them for you too if you can’t afford the time to pick them yourself or physically can’t do it. We will be happy to pick you some yummy berries for you and your family.

Here are the approximate dates for the upcoming 2019 harvest events at the Farm.

May– Fresh Picked Asparagus, Lettuce & Spinach

Middle to 3rd week of June – Our Strawberry & Pea Picking Adventures begin

3rd week of June – Cucumber Slicers, Tomatoes & Green Beans

Beginning to the 10th of July – Raspberries begin

Middle of July – Blueberries & Green Peppers

End of July – Roma canning Tomatoes & Pickling Cucumbers (pickles)

Middle of September – Farmtoberfest, our Fall Family Farm Fun Celebration. Plenty of Pumpkins, Fall Décor, Challenging Corn Maze, Hay Rides, Scarecrow Making, Pumpkin Painting, Corn Cob Chucking, Activities in the Pumpkin Village, Food & Drink, and so much more.

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Once the Strawberry Picking season starts we try to be open every day from 8am to 5pm. Times and days are subject to change due to weather, picking conditions and availability of strawberries in the fields.

Honeoye is our earliest ripening berry, they are very plentiful, but can be on the smaller size. Jewel is a berry that ripens a little later than a Honeoye and tends to be bigger, just not as plentiful. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you can pick a certain variety when you arrive at the Farm due to a lot of variables that affects our picking schedule. Keep in mind that both berries are berry sweet!

You have two options when you arrive to pick your own strawberries. Pick a pail of strawberries for $11, a great option if you just want a few fresh sweet berries. Pick a flat for $25, this is your best value at the Farm. We do allow you to heap both of the containers. This price also includes the cost of your container. A pail will hold about 5 to 6 # heaping and a flat will hold about 14 to 16 # heaping. Keep in mind the size and water content in the berries does vary the weight of the berries in your container.

We also will have a large selection of Pre-Picked Strawberries available daily. Keep in mind, we only take orders one day in advance, as many variables effect our picking schedule. We do recommend placing an order, especially if you are not picking up till the afternoon hours. We sell by the Quart for $5.50 or a full flat for $44.

Other item available at the Farm Store during Strawberry season:

Peas, Asparagus, Lettuce, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Pectin (sure jell), Hullers, Beverages, Hats, Tee’s, and Hoodies.